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Asian-origin teen jailed for attacking boy

London:  An Asian-origin teenager has been awarded a seven-year sentence for repeatedly stabbing a university student while trying to defend his girlfriend during a violent gang attack.

Gurjyot Singh, 17, was part of a gang of youths, some as young as just 14, when he stabbed Edward Vos five times and left him fighting for his life, Daily Mail reported.

Singh, from Birmingham, had almost killed the 19-year-old first-year undergraduate studying in Birmingham, after stabbing him in the elbow, chest and abdomen, the court heard.

He led a gang of five teenagers, the youngest of whom was just 14 years old, who attacked Vos, his girlfriend Sarah Laight and their two women friends as they walked along a street on the afternoon of April 28, last year.

The court was told Singh, who attacked his victim with a deadly lock knife, was obsessed with blades. He even posed for photos found on his computer and mobile phone while brandishing a sword.

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