Wind power generation in Tamil Nadu touches 3,000 megawatts

Coimbatore:  With wind power generation on the upswing, 30 per cent of Tamil Nadu's requirement of 10,000 megawatts (MW) is being met, leading to uninterrupted power supply across the State for the last one week, K Kasturirangan, Chairman, Indian Wind Power Association has said.

Since April 28, power generation gradually increased from 1,000 MW to reach a peak of 3,000 MW on Saturday in the major wind energy generating areas of the state, including the Coimbatore region, he told PTI.

So far there have been no complaints about load shedding or power-cuts, he said.

The grid received 1,100 MW on Monday last, 1,300 MW on Tuesday, 1,500 MW on Wednesday, 2,000 MW on Thursday and 2,500 MW on Friday. Though official figures are yet to be available, 3,000 MW was generated and used on Saturday, which was the maximum during last year, Mr Kasturirangan said.

With wind expected to continue and reach a peak till the middle of October, a maximum of 3,500 MW  per day could be expected in the coming days, he said, adding that Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) should use the entire power from  windmills, otherwise it would be a waste.

TANGEDCO can also consider reducing power cuts from 40 per cent power to 20 per cent for, so that the entire wind power could be properly utilised, he suggested.

Various Small Industries Associations have expressed happiness over uninterrupted power supply, leading to industries operating at full capacity.  

Story First Published: May 06, 2012 14:21 IST

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