Support for 'dhoti-clad PM' may have caused 'Vishwaroopam' ban: Karunanidhi

Support for 'dhoti-clad PM' may have caused 'Vishwaroopam' ban: Karunanidhi
Chennai DMK president M Karunanidhi suggested today the Tamil Nadu government's ban on Kamal Haasan's movie Vishwaroopam could be the result of the actor lobbying for  "a dhoti-clad Tamilian" for Prime Minister at a function in Chennai last month.

The comment was made at a function attended by Finance Minister P Chidambaram and Mr Karunanidhi and may have provoked the wrath of the chief minister J Jayalalithaa, hinted Mr Karunanidhi in a letter to party workers.  The government has refuted allegations of a political motive and has insisted that a two-week ban on Vishwaroopam is necessary to protect communal harmony.  Muslim groups who had objected to the film met with Kamal Haasan today; the actor, who has directed Vishwaroopam, agreed to edit some scenes .

But the Madras High Court today ruled in favour of the current ban on Vishwaroopam; it ends on February 6.  

Mr Karunanidhi in his letter also said that there is a view among a section of people that a television channel close to the ruling party in the state had asked to buy the rights of "Vishwaroopam", which the actor declined because the quote was much lower than what another channel offered.

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Story First Published: January 30, 2013 19:39 IST

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