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Snags force two flights to return to Chennai airport

Chennai Two flights -- one bound for Kuwait and another for Mumbai -- returned to the airport in Chennai on Wednesday soon after take-off due to technical faults, airport sources said.

A Go Air flight to Mumbai with 102 passengers onboard was flown back to Chennai 45 minutes after it took off at 2 pm when passengers complained of suffocation due to malfunctioning of the airconditioning system, the sources said.

The passengers were asked to disembark. The aircraft took off again after the problem was rectified.

A Kuwait Airways flight carrying 216 passengers was forced to return to the airport here after it developed a technical malfunction mid-air, they said.

The flight, which took off at around 6.30 am, landed back 45 minutes later, they said adding it was cleared for take-off after the snag was set right.

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