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Narendra Modi will be opposed by DMK, hints Karunanidhi

Chennai Within hours of BJP anointing Narendra Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate, former key ally of Congress and DMK president M Karunanidhi hinted that his party may not support him.

"The DMK would not go back on its ideology of opposing communalism," Mr Karunanidhi said when his opinion was sought on the saffron party declaring the Gujarat Chief Minister as its PM candidate.

"Tell me the opinion of BJP leader Advani, you may then ask my opinion," he retorted when reporters sought his comment.

When it was pointed out that Advani did not participate in the Parliamentary Board meeting in Delhi, the DMK patriarch without naming Modi said, "Whosoever - not supported by DMK - might contest polls, the DMK would not go back on its opposition to communalism."

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