Kamal Haasan says 'Vishwaroopam' ban is 'cultural terrorism', moves court

Kamal Haasan says 'Vishwaroopam' ban is 'cultural terrorism', moves court
Chennai Actor and director Kamal Haasan has said that he is "hurt" and "appalled" at the Tamil Nadu government banning his film Vishwaroopam. He has filed a petition in the Madras High Court.
The Tamil Nadu government yesterday decided to ban the screening of Vishwaroopam in the state after Muslim organisations expressed the fear that the "film could disturb communal harmony." They had watched the film at a special screening held for them a few days ago.

Kamal Haasan has called this "cultural terrorism" which must stop. He said in a statement this morning that he was, "hurt by the accusations. My sensibilities are truly insulted. I've been ruthlessly used as vehicle by small groups seeking political profile. I have been part of an organization called Harmony India which worked for Hindu Muslim amity." (Read full statement)
He has repeatedly denied allegations that the movie is against Muslims. Recently the actor told NDTV "in fact after watching Muslims would love the movie". In his statement today the award winning filmmaker said he would now "rely on law and logic to come to our support." He also thanked those who had supported him on the Internet.

Sources in the state government have told NDTV that "District Collectors have been orally instructed to pass appropriate orders and to make sure advance booking is stopped". The Rs 95 crore film, Kamal Haasan's most expensive ever, was slated for release this Friday on around 500 screens in Tamil Nadu alone.

The run-up to Vishwaroopam's launch remains chequered. First the actor had to abandon his dream premier launch of the movie on Direct To Home (DTH) following opposition by theatre owners that the move would affect their revenues, after which Kamal Haasan decided to launch the film on DTH a week after the theatrical release.

Story First Published: January 24, 2013 10:19 IST

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