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Girl dies of LPG leak blast in Tamil Nadu

Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu:  A girl was killed and three members of her family were seriously injured in a blaze caused by a leak in LPG cylinder at their house in Ramanathapuram on Saturday, police said.

The cylinder was changed on Friday night but no one noticed the leak in the regulator as it had not been properly fixed.

Unaware of the leak, one of the family members on Saturday morning switched on the kitchen light when the leaked gas burst into flame causing burn injuries to four persons.

Ashraff, his father, mother and sister suffered more than 80 per cent burn and have been admitted to a hospital where their condition was stated to be very serious.

Ashraff's sister died on Saturday night.

The explosion was so powerful that the door of the house flew off under its impact and crashed against the tiles roof of the opposite house situated 30 feet away.

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