'Bunty chor' arrested in Pune, brought to Thiruvananthapuram

'Bunty chor' arrested in Pune, brought to Thiruvananthapuram
Thiruvananthapuram Devinder Singh alias 'Bunty chor', who was arrested in Pune on Saturday, was today brought to the city by Kerala Police in connection with a burglary at an NRI's house last week.

He was brought to state capital Thiruvananthapuram from Mumbai by flight. He was arrested from a hotel in Pune.

After completing the legal formalities, investigators would grill him to ascertain all the details of the theft he committed in the city, after which he drove off in a luxury car he lifted from the house he broke into, police said.

They would also find out whether his visit to Kerala had any motives other than committing the burglary, they said.

Delhi-based Devinder was arrested from the hotel after a receptionist there recognised him from the CCTV camera images released by Kerala Police shortly after the burglary.

Devinder broke into the house of the NRI on January 21, breaking its high-tech security systems like intruder alarm. After lifting a laptop computer and some other costly gadgets, he decamped in the luxury car parked in the house.

The hidden camera installed in the house, however, got a clear image of the thief and police identified him as Devinder, as he is known as a skilled conman and had even appeared in a television reality show some time back.

A couple of days later, Devinder was spotted on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border, fuelling speculation of his arrest. He, however, gave the slip to police by abandoning the car he had stolen.

Story First Published: January 28, 2013 12:16 IST

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