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Boy trampled to death by elephant in Karnataka

Kolar, Karnataka:  A 17 year-old boy, who entered a bushy area to catch a glimpse of an elephant herd disregarding warning by forest personnel, was found trampled to death on Monday, a forest official said.

The decomposed body of Wasim of Betamangala village was recovered from the thick bush adjacent to a water tank, District Forest Officer, C Munegowda told sources.

"On January 26, an over 30-strong herd of elephants entered the bush. Some of the villagers had gathered near the tank to see the herd and wanted to enter the bush.

"Forest personnel patrolling the area warned them not go inside the bush as they could be attacked by the herd. As they persisted, the personnel even made a 'mild' caning but a group of villagers had already entered the bush," he said.

The boy was one among them. While others fled, the teenager was killed by elephants, he added.

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