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BJP favours formation of Telangana: Rajnath Singh

New Delhi BJP president Rajnath Singh today said his party is in favour of an expeditious formation of Telangana, and that his party will ensure the formation of a separate state if it comes to power at the Centre after 2014 elections.

"We support Telangana cause. The BJP is committed to form the state. Government should grant it immediately," party chief Rajnath Singh told reporters after attending the BJP's SC Morcha National Executive meeting in Delhi.

Mr Singh's statement came at a time when Congress has decided to convene the UPA Coordination Committee meeting on July 31 to take a view on the Telangana issue.

The BJP had accused the ruling party of dilly-dallying on the matter.

Andhra Pradesh Congress leaders are divided on the issue.

Opposing any division of the state, Congress MPs from rest of Andhra Pradesh including Union Ministers MM Pallam Raju, KS Rao, Chiranjeevi and D Purandeshwari from coastal Andhra and K Bapiraju and Anantarami Reddy had met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yesterday in an effort to keep Andhra Pradesh united.

The MPs have told Prime Minister that there would be repercussions not only for the state but also for the entire country if Andhra Pradesh is divided.

Story First Published: July 28, 2013 15:13 IST

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