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Alleged hate-speech giver Akbaruddin Owaisi asks police for four-day exemption

Alleged hate-speech giver Akbaruddin Owaisi asks police for four-day exemption
Hyderabad Akbaruddin Owasi, the politician from Andhra Pradesh whose hate speeches have landed him in a series of court cases, has returned to India but wants four days before he meets the police in one of the towns where he delivered one of his controversial speeches.

Mr Owaisi was meant to appear today before the police in Nirmal town in Adilabad, a 200 km-drive from Hyderabad. But his lawyer says he needs medical attention.

Police sources say they will have Mr Owaisi, a state legislator, examined at a government hospital before they decide on his request.

Mr Owaisi flew into Hyderabad from London today and was greeted by a crowd of supporters and leaders from his party.

He has been accused by the police of waging war against the state and promoting communal hatred.

Mr Owaisi has been recorded on camera delivering inflammatory speeches as he toured Andhra Pradesh in December. A speech in the Nirmal town of Adilabad has been viewed more than 80,000 times on YouTube. He also faces police cases for another speech he made in Nizamabad on December 8.

His brother, Asaduddin Owaisi, is a member of parliament.

Since the MIM ended its alliance with the ruling Congress in Andhra Pradesh in November last year, Mr Owaisi and other leaders have been aggressively asserting their religious identity.

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