To Cyber Stalk or Not To Cyber Stalk: Our Dirty Facebook Secret

To Cyber Stalk or Not To Cyber Stalk: Our Dirty Facebook Secret

Courtesy: Penn Masala

''Facebook succeeds because deep down we are all stalkers." We found this headline doing the rounds on social media and it got us thinking - is stalking the new talking?  
According to Harvard Business School professor Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, Facebook's success is not due to sharing, but to the habit, familiar to all Facebook users, of anonymously viewing other people's profiles; cyber stalking that is. (Read more here)

If there ever was an anonymous poll among Facebook's 1.28 billion users, we bet the ayes for 'stalking is the new hello', would clearly outnumber the nays. The day Mark Zuckerberg decides to make Facebook profile visits public, a lot of us would have restraining orders against us. Including yours truly.

Here's an interesting video we found by the YouTube A Capella group, Penn Masala. Sung to the tune of Enrique Iglesias's popular song, Hero, the lyrics trace the unfulfilled love stories of several obsessive compulsive stalkers. One of Penn Masala's earliest creations, this video seems just as relevant today as it was in the days of Orkut (remember that?!).

Hope you enjoy it too:

Story First Published: May 25, 2014 11:45 IST

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