HELLO! How Desi Phone Etiquettes Can Make You Go Deaf

HELLO! How Desi  Phone Etiquettes Can Make You Go Deaf

Courtesy: Kenneth Sabastian's YouTube channel

It is truly shocking that there hasn't ever been an official scientific research on our desi phone etiquettes (or the utter lack of it). Unless you live under a sound proof rock in Mars, you've been through the trauma of having someone yell so loudly into the phone, the sound shook the very foundations of your soul.

Remember trunk calls (ISD/STD) which would automatically raise voices to a decibel where even the neighbour's neighbour could hear the entire conversation? Then there are those persistent callers who dial wrong numbers but insist on speaking to the right people. Why. Why must they do that? 

And we just have to add the really strange movie-goers, who believe in multitasking by tweeting, WhatsApping, Facebooking, taking or making calls in the middle on a movie and yet giving YOU the stink eye in case you object.

The list of these bad habits is endless. Don't you agree? Do you have a funny tale to share about bad phone habits? Use the comments box below to send us your story. We've also picked up this hilarious video uploaded by stand up artist Kenneth Sebastian on his YouTube channel, which is a cool summary of the heartburn bad phone habits can cause.

Have fun watching it:

Story First Published: May 25, 2014 10:19 IST

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