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Chinese scavengers find jewellery worth USD 133,919 in garbage

Beijing:  Two Chinese scavengers literally struck gold when they found jewellery worth USD 133,919 while sifting through a garbage pile.

Zhou Jingxia and her husband Liu Yuhua, both trash recyclers from Henan Province of China, came across two boxes containing solid-gold rings and necklaces while scavenging at a waste station in Chang-chun, Jilin province, earlier this month.

The recovered jewellery has been returned to its rightful owner, police said.

A jewellery dealer, surnamed Chen, had reported the missing gold to police.

He explained it had been overlooked while making a shipment from Changchun to Shenzhen, Guangdong province, 'Global Times' reported.

The couple carried the three-kilogramme load around until police tracked down the property.

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