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Who is Sunanda Pushkar?

New Delhi A close friend of Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor, Sunanda Pushkar has been seen with him at various social events in the recent past.
She has, in fact, been introduced several times as Tharoor's "friend from Canada".
Tharoor has acknowledged that he knows her very well. (Read: I am not a proxy for Tharoor: Sunanda Pushkar)
There is growing speculation that she's engaged to the junior Foreign Minister but there has been no official confirmation of that yet.
Sunanda, who is in her 40s, runs a spa in Dubai. She also holds an executive's post with an infrastructure company owned by the Emirate government. She has also worked with advertising firms, a travel agency in Dubai as well as with an IT firm in Toronto.
She belongs to Sopore in the Kashmir Valley and her father is a retired Lt Colonel.
Sunanda Pushkar is at the centre of the Kochi IPL franchise storm. There are allegations that Tharoor used her as a front to collect Rs 70 crores for helping the Kochi owners get their IPL team. Rendezvous Sports World leads the consortium that bought the Kochi team.
The group has offered a staunch defense of its decision to give away equity worth Rs 70 crores to Pushkar. It says that she is a Sales and Marketing Expert who knows the Kerala and Middle East market well and deserves to be rewarded for the expertise she offers to the consortium.
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