VVIP chopper storm in Rajya Sabha: highlights

VVIP chopper storm in Rajya Sabha: highlights

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New Delhi The government today won a vote in the Rajya Sabha to set up a Joint Parliamentary Committee or JPC to investigate the VVIP chopper scandal. The BJP is however not on board.

Here are the highlights of the discussion in the Rajya Sabha:

AK Antony, Defence Minister
  • I share Prakash Javadekar's initial comments - we participate in this debate with heavy hearts
  • Scam taking place anywhere in the country is a matter of shame - I feel shamed whenever any controversy comes around our ministry
  • Forget politics see my track record - do I throw complaints in waste paper basket?
  • Did not resign because I did not want to run away
  • The chopper scam is a matter of serious concern
  • Within 24 hours of the newspaper report we requested the embassy in Rome for a factual report
  • UK government said investigation is going on in Italy, we cannot give anything
  • Italian government said at this state investigation is preliminary and we cannot share anything
  • When the UK PM came here, even our PM took the matter up with them and they assured us of all cooperation
  • According to Italian law, preliminary report cannot be shared
  • On the basis of CBI's findings, they have filed a preliminary enquiry - out of the 11 individuals, one is Italian, other is from UK, another I don't know - six are Indians - five foreigners and four Indian companies
  • I have politics but the ministry has no politics
  • We have sent a show cause notice to the company as per the integrity pact. As per pact, if the company agrees there is any foul play, any middle man - government can immediately cancel the contract, to recover all money, to cancel any other contract from the bidder, debar the bidder for five years and encash the bank guarantees

Arun Jaitley, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha
  • It is the government's duty to arrest the bribe-taker
  • When the government is helpless in getting information, how can 10 members of Rajya Sabha? They will have to wait for the information to descend from heavens
  • Don't pass the buck to the Italian government
  • JPC will be exercise in futility, it is diversionary tactic

Mayawati, BSP chief
  • Parliament is supreme. The Joint Parliamentary Committee can monitor the CBI probe
Story First Published: February 27, 2013 17:28 IST

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