'Vishwaroopam' Ban: Kamal Haasan joins negotiations in Chennai

'Vishwaroopam' Ban: Kamal Haasan joins negotiations in Chennai
Chennai Actor Kamal Haasan returned to Chennai today and has met with members of Muslim groups opposed to some sections of his movie Vishwaroopam. The actor was in Mumbai for the Hindi premiere of his Rs 95-crore blockbuster.

Sources say efforts are on to reach a compromise today and both sides are keen settling the issue amicably. Sources have also told NDTV that the protesters are demanding that three scenes from the movie be deleted. Mr Haasan is said to be negotiating on the number of scenes he is willing to edit from the movie. (Read Vishwaroopam's review)

All through Friday, the actor-director's brother Chandra Haasan met with the government and leaders of Muslim groups whose objections to the film had provoked a two-week ban in Tamil Nadu. But talks were postponed as the protesters demanded Kamal Haasan's presence during the meeting.

Mr Chandra Haasan, who has co-produced Vishwaroopam, said that after a first round of consultations, he was asked by protesting groups to make cuts adding upto nine minutes. But sources say Chandra Haasan told protesters that he is not technically or morally competent to make cuts, adding that the decision will be made by Kamal Haasan after he returned to Chennai.

The actor-director told NDTV on Thursday, "I don't think the film will have to be chopped. I will talk to my Muslim brothers. (Vishwaroopam doesn't need cuts: Kamal Haasan to NDTV)
The mediation session was offered on Thursday by Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa who stridently defended the ban, arguing that it was necessary to maintain law and order and to give both sides time to "cool down and come to an agreement. (Vishwaroopam could release soon, J Jayalalithaa says how)
Story First Published: February 02, 2013 18:00 IST

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