Top 10 surfer comments on crazy cut-offs

Top 10 surfer comments on crazy cut-offs
With Delhi University's Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) posting a first cut-off of 100 per cent for its extremely popular B Com Honours course, students from all across have commented on this controversial move. Here are the top surfer comments.

Comment by Ashish Jain
Is that all?? 100%?? Why not just give us more herculean tasks?? should we now start looking for jobs already??

Comment by Rohit Mascarenhas
Shouldn't colleges be looking at students all round profile and extra-curricular activities to raise the bar rather than only look at marks?

Comment by Rajat Allen
Can someone please tell me which student(s) got 100% marks in 12th?...I need to meet those geniuses.

Comment by Kshitij Raj Singh Suri
I thought I haven't scored all that bad after seeing my results out shine the rest from my school but not anymore, colleges are just another pushing force that are working against us..what is the next best thing to do??

Comment by Kanika P
How many more tuitions or extra hours of slogging should we put in

Comment by Pranav
How much is too much?? what do the students with less than next to impossible do?? wait and watch out for the next list, from a college that has never had a second list??

Comment by Sid
Arrh! Down to 99.99 :P RT @ndtv DU VC Dinesh Singh: The cut- offs will come down in the subsequent lists.

Comment by Chandan Kumar
Ye lo! Ab inko Maths sikhana padega! RT @ndtv: Kapil Sibal: 100 percent cut-off is irrational.

Story First Published: June 15, 2011 16:37 IST

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