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The Gulbarg Society massacre: What happened

New Delhi On February 28, 2002, a mob started gathering outside Gulbarg Society at 9 am. It began shouting slogans.

At noon, the mob began attacking residents.

Former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri tried to shelter people against the mob.

An eyewitness has testified in court that Jafri repeatedly called Chief Minister Narendra Modi for help. The same eyewitness says that Modi refused to help Jafri, and allegedly abused him on the phone. Jafri phoned 200 other people, including cops and bureaucrats, for help. Senior police officers allegedly refused to respond.

In the afternoon, a mob went into Jafri's house and set him on fire in front of his family.

Other people in the colony were then killed.

By the evening, 69 people had died.
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