Team Anna's deliverables for its 15-day protest

Team Anna's deliverables for its 15-day protest
New Delhi Anna Hazare's anti-corruption campaign will set up its base camp at Ramlila Maidan tomorrow, a large public space in Central Delhi.

The Delhi Police, after extensive negotiations, agreed that it would not place any limits on either the size of the gathering or on the length of Anna's hunger strike (he has been fasting since Tuesday). (Read: Anna Hazare stays in Tihar tonight, 15-day protest starts tomorrow at Ramlila Maidan)

Anna will spend tonight at Tihar Jail and move to Ramlila Maidan tomorrow, since today is being spent on preparations for the thousands that are expected.  

Team Anna has signed off on a list of prerequisites from the Delhi Police. Among them, that the crowd will not exceed the official capacity of the ground, which is around 25,000 people. The permission for the fast has been given till September 2, 2011. (Read: Read Team Anna's 'contract' with police for 15-day fast)

In the undertaking signed by Anna and his associates - Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Kiran Bedi and Shanti Bhushan - they also said that if any clause is violated, they will be liable. 

Anna and any others who are fasting will be examined by doctors thrice a day. Team Anna shall arrange for drinking water, first aid, mobile toilets and proper lighting.  Three associates of Anna will be in constant touch with the police.  Anna's aides are responsible for ensuring that the crowd remains calm and does not break the law.

There will be no damage to public property; the crowd will not spill over to roads in the area; the protesters will cooperate with traffic police to ensure there are no jams.

In keeping with Supreme Court guidelines, loudspeakers cannot be used after 10 pm.  No participant in the protest will be allowed to make provocative speeches or carry lathis or fire arms.
Story First Published: August 18, 2011 17:47 IST

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