'Should I take moral responsibility for depravity in society?' Delhi Police chief to NDTV

'Should I take moral responsibility for depravity in society?' Delhi Police chief to NDTV
New Delhi For a fourth day, large protests in Delhi  expressed the widespread anger and frustration over the barbarous attack on a five-year-old. The demonstrators have been demanding the resignation of  Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar, who appeared to rule that out.

The Delhi Police chief speaks to NDTV:

  • I should take moral responsibility for what? Depravity in society? People's minds?
  • As far as the police response is concerned, we suspended the investigating officer
  • I said that exemplary action will be taken
  • I clarified in the my press conference this afternoon that crime against women has grown exponentially
  • So our people are taking action
  • Even NGOs agree that women are coming forward to lodge complaints
  • What else do you want me to do?
  • Can we hang the arrested straight away?
  • For dismissal, we have to go through a process
  • In case of ACP who slapped a woman protester, the Lieutenant Governor ratified suspension
  • We suspended him right away
  • Can't dismiss errant policemen right away, but we did suspend them
  • On why Metro stations were shut: Gatherings always banned at India Gate during Parliament session
  • Job of police is to investigate,catch the accused. Crimes that occur within homes not preventable
  • Policemen cannot be present in every household
  • Who arrested Abhishek Verma? I did. If Dawood writes to Tiger Memon that he knows me, will I resign?
  • No other government organisation takes action against employees like Delhi Police does
Story First Published: April 22, 2013 21:53 IST