Sachin Tendulkar to NDTV on life after retirement

Mumbai Rarely has there been a more emotional farewell than the one that Sachin Tendulkar has just received from his adoring countrymen - a packed stadium, a beautiful final inning, and Indian victory, crowds chanting "Sachin Sachin", an emotional farewell speech, and to cap it all a Bharat Ratna.

When I met Sachin this evening for a special interview, he still seemed almost wonderstruck at the emotional outpouring that has taken place all around him. At the moment, he is still trying to soak it all in and will then plan to start his next step. He did hint at some of his plans though to NDTV - a lot more time with the family of course. Especially with his children. And a clear indication that he was going to be working on an autobiography. You can bet your last dollar that that is going to fly off the shelf.

And though journalists are usually supposed to be completely detached from the story, I couldn't resist thanking him on behalf of all of us for the memories and for helping India believe in itself.

So here's the interview with Sachin, a day after his retirement.

Story First Published: November 17, 2013 20:27 IST

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