Rajasthan Police team to reach Kerala on Monday to identify Bitti Mohanty

Rajasthan Police team to reach Kerala on Monday to identify Bitti Mohanty
Jaipur A police team from Jaipur will fly to Kerala on Monday to identify and take into custody Bitti Mohanty, who jumped parole in 2006 after being convicted for raping a German woman.

Earlier, a Rajasthan Police team was to go to Kerala on Sunday, but could not due to lack of flights.

"A police inspector with three constables is likely to leave for Kerala on Monday from Jaipur on a flight," said Lalkothi Station House Officer Sampat Singh.

Bitti Mohanty is the son of BB Mohanty, a former Director General of Police in Odisha. Bitti Mohanty had raped a German tourist in Rajasthan's Alwar district on March 21, 2006, and was convicted by a fast-track court on April 12, 2006.

Mr Singh said they received information from Kerala Police on Friday evening that they had detained a man on suspicion of his being Bitti Mohanty.

"Kerala Police told us that the man worked at the State Bank of Travancore. We will confirm his identity on reaching Kerala," the officer said.

Bitti Mohanty was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment on rape charges. In November 2006, he secured parole to meet his ailing mother but disappeared.

His father was Director General, Home Guards and Fire Services when Bitti Mohanty committed the crime, and was accused of aiding the son's escape.

BB Mohanty was arrested for aiding his son's escape in January 2008, but was released on bail after remaining in custody for a few days. He was also suspended but was reinstated.
Story First Published: March 10, 2013 22:18 IST

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