Rahul Gandhi addresses rally in Delhi: Highlights

Rahul Gandhi addresses rally in Delhi: Highlights

Rahul Gandhi at the rally venue in Delhi

New Delhi Rahul Gandhi addresses rally in Delhi. Here are the highlights:

  • Sheilaji has changed Delhi. I want to give you a few examples. Take transport. You take the Metro? (asks)
  • In Jakarta, Indonesia, people are giving examples of this metro.
  • It used to be  a small airport. The youth have gained in Delhi.
  • And the most impt thing: we move forward with migrants in Delhi. We helped the poor in 1,500 unauthorised colonies.
  • Who is a Congressi? Whenever we meet a victim of any kind, a Congressman says I will fight for him or her? When a Congressman fights, he doesn't fight with anger, he fights with love and heart.
  • When you see a weak and a poor, you feel like helping them. You talk of rights. We have given the right to food, work and education.
  • Every Indian should have the right to ask any question to the government. We brought RTI. That empowered people. The decisions in closed rooms reached the people.
  • There used to be ration cards earlier. The needy never got it. We said food should reach everyone.
  • The opposition said where's the money for the food? We said we will find money and we showed it.
  • We want to empower the poor. NDA government was there, and they talk of infrastructure. I took out the statistics. We made three times more roads than the NDA.
  • We want to open the system. Opposition says no, let it remain closed.
  • Go to any hospital and the govt guarantees free treatment. Why? Because if you look at the reasons behind poverty, the biggest reason is health. A worker spends all his savings on health. We asked you what you want, and accordingly made our policies.
  • No one can ever say that 'there's been no development in Delhi', not even the Opposition.
  • I have full confidence that Congress party will win over again. Jao aur Congress party ki ladayee lado.
  • Make the Congress victorious in Delhi. Jai Hind.

Story First Published: October 27, 2013 13:42 IST

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