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Prime Minister's reply on Sir Creek gave me no answers: Narendra Modi

Prime Minister's reply on Sir Creek gave me no answers: Narendra Modi
New Delhi/Ahmedabad:  Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi hit back at the Centre today, saying, the reply from the Prime Minister's Office on the Sir Creek issue gave him ''no answers" to the concerns he had raised in his letter to Dr Manmohan Singh.

"Why is the PM acting not in national interest," Mr Modi said today.

The Prime Minister's Office yesterday alleged that Mr Modi is trying to influence voters during his election by suggesting that the Indian government is on the verge of acquiescing to Pakistan's claim on Sir Creek.   

A point of dispute between New Delhi and Islamabad, Sir Creek runs along Gujarat's border with Pakistan.

Mr Modi had in a letter to the Prime Minister had said yesterday, "I would earnestly request you to stop this dialogue with Pakistan at once and Sir Creek should not be handed over to Pakistan."

The Prime Minister's Office retorted, "Shri Modi has written his letter without making any efforts to ascertain the facts from the Government of India."

At a press conference yesterday, Mr Modi's party, the BJP, disclosed the details of Mr Modi's letter and claimed that  because he is in the midst of an election,   the chief minister followed protocol and signed the letter as "a concerned citizen and not as a chief minister of a State."

The Prime Minister's Office differed, stating, "The writing and release of this baseless letter by the Chief Minister of Gujarat in his "personal" capacity, a day before elections in the state, is mischievous."

Gujarat is voting today, and will vote again on Monday in the second phase; results of the election will be declared on December 20.
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