Prime Minister, Pak President make joint statement

Prime Minister, Pak President make joint statement
New Delhi Walking in together after a meeting that last over 30 minutes, the two leaders made a brief joint statement.

Here are the details.

Manmohan Singh: President Zardari and I had a very constructive and friendly exchange of views on all bilateral issues which affect the relation between India and Pakistan. President Zardari is on a private visit and I have taken advantage of this visit to discuss with him, all bilateral issues and I'm very satisfied with the outcome of this visit. And President Zardari has also invited me to visit Pakistan. I would be very happy to visit Pakistan on a mutually convenient date. The relations between India and Pakistan should become normal. That's our common desire. We have a number of issues, and we are willing to find practical, pragmatic solutions to all those issues and that's the message that President Zardari and I wish to convey.

Asif Ali Zardari: I would like to wish the people of India asalaam-u-aalekum from the President of Pakistan and I'm grateful to Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, for inviting me for lunch although I'm on a private visit here. But we've had some fruitful bilateral talks together. India and Pakistan are neighbours, we can, we would like to have better relations with India. We've spoken on all topics that we could have spoken about and we're hoping to meet on Pakistan's soil very soon.
Story First Published: April 08, 2012 14:02 IST

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