Passers-by didn't help save 'Amanat', says brother

Passers-by didn't help save 'Amanat', says brother
The brother of the 23-year-old medical student, who was brutally grangraped by six men in a moving bus in Delhi on December 16, today said delay in providing medical assistance to his sister led to complications which perhaps led to her death.

"She told me that after the incident that she had asked passers-by for help but to no avail and it was only after the highway patrol alerted the police that she was rushed to hospital but it had taken almost two hours", her brother told PTI.

"By then a lot of blood was lost", he said, adding that "had the passers-by helped and if prompt medical assistance was provided, perhaps her life could have been saved.

He said people need to change their attitude and be ready to extend help.

Regretting that consensus could not be reached in the meeting between representatives of the central and state governments on capital punishment in rape cases, he said the family has confidence that on the basis of the chargesheet filed by the Delhi Police in his sister's case, all the accused would be sentenced to death.

Speaking about his sister, he said she had keen interest in films and was an Aamir Khan fan. 'Talash' was the last film that she had seen with her brothers, he said.

Story First Published: January 05, 2013 16:01 IST

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