Oil Minister, reprimanded by Election Commission, sends an explanation

Oil Minister, reprimanded by Election Commission, sends an explanation
New Delhi Oil Minister Veerappa Moily has sent an explanation to the Election Commission about why he  announced that the government may increase the amount of subsidized cooking gas families are entitled to during elections in Gujarat.

The Commission will meet this evening to evaluate his response. 

Yesterday, the Election Commission reprimanded Mr Moily for violating the model code of conduct by sharing a decision that could influence voters.  He said that the government was considering raising the cap on discounted gas cylinders from six to nine per year.

The Commission held an emergency meeting and ordered the government not to implement any new decisions till elections are completed.  

In his response sent today, the minister states,  "There has been widespread demand from all sections of society particularly women, including political parties cutting across party lines, both inside and outside the Parliament to increase the cap in supply of domestic LPG cylinders. ..the Government is yet to take a decision on the matter. As such my response to media queries explained above should not be treated as an announcement regarding the decision of the government."

In September, in an attempt to reign in massive subsidy bills, the government said that families would get six subsidized cooking gas cylinders a year.  The reform was among three new policies that led to Mamata Banerjee exiting the Prime Minister's coalition, leaving the government in a minority.

The move has upset not just  the opposition but the Prime Minister's Congress party as well, with many leaders pointing out that the new policy, likely to upset voters, comes just as important states are choosing their next government.  

Story First Published: December 12, 2012 11:47 IST

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