Narendra Modi's state-wide yatra ends: Highlights

Pavagadh, Gujarat:  Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's  one-month state-wide yatra that kicked off his election campaign ends today in Pavagadh in the state.

Here are the highlights of his rally today:

  • Today is World Day for the girl child
  • When the 2001 census figures were released, I wept
  • In Gujarat, as people have been educated, female foeticide had risen - we started a campaign in 2005
  • I am proud that the sex ratio is improving - I congratulate the women of Gujarat
  • A day in the not too distant future for a 1000 boys a 1000 girls will be born in the state
  • I have completed a journey of 11 years in the state
  • I wanted the girls in this state to be educated... I went village to village trying to spread the message
  • It has taken me a long time to wash the sins of the previous regimes
  • In 50 years the Congress did not realise that toilets have to be built in schools for girls
  • My friends in the Congress did not realise in 40 tehsils in adivasi areas of the state, there wasn't a school that offered Science in class 12
  • My Congress friends should drown in shame - how will the adivasis become doctors, engineers?
  • Doctors were not available for pregnant women... We brought in the Chiranjeevi scheme - it won the Asia innovative award, WHO cites its example
  • The state pays for all pregnant women, deliveries take place in hospitals
  • The figure has gone up from 45% in 2001 to 98% now
  • Gujarat did not have electricity. But today when 19 states had no electricity, Gujarat was the only state with lights on
  • PM Manmohan Singh - China presents Shanghai to the world as an attraction... If you thought of Gujarat as your own, you would have showcased Gujarat and improved India's standing in the world
  • Foreign investors were not allowed to come to Gujarat, we took up the challenge... Vibrant Gujarat brought people from 120 countries together
  • The country needs another Jayprakash Narayan to get the country out of corruption that this government steeped in
Story First Published: October 11, 2012 18:37 IST

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