Narendra Modi for PM? Gujarat is not corruption-free, says Anna Hazare

Narendra Modi for PM? Gujarat is not corruption-free, says Anna Hazare
Patna Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare today questioned Narendra Modi as a prime ministerial candidate in the 2014 general elections saying the Gujarat Chief Minister was not sincere about rooting out corruption as he has not taken steps for setting up a Lokayukta, a post lying vacant since 2003 in the state.

"I want to ask Mr Modi why has he not made Gujarat corruption free and why did he not bring a bill for setting up Lokayukta in his state," he said in reply to questions by reporters.

So many complaints of corruption have been coming from Gujarat, he said.

"People are tossing his (Modi's) name for the PM's post ... If he is so good a candidate why did he not bring a strong Lokayukta bill?" Anna Hazare said after launching his 'Janatantra Morcha' in Patna yesterday.

"This proves that Mr Modi is not interested in making a corruption-free India," the Gandhian activist said.

On a question on the probable future PM, he said "Anybody can become PM - what difference will it make? The country has seen so many prime ministers in the past 65 years what difference has it brought? Change will come only when people will have the independence to choose their PM," he said.

The activist said he will not accept a 'weak' Lokpal Bill. "Bring a strong Lokpal Bill which can fight for the cause of poor and downtrodden. Then only we will support it."

The Lokpal Bill would be passed in the budget session of Parliament, which commences in the second half of next month, according to a letter by Congress President Sonia Gandhi to Anna Hazare.

Story First Published: January 31, 2013 16:07 IST

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