Late night internet chats land IITian in court

New Delhi Long, late night e-chats have landed an IIT Kanpur graduate in trouble with a chat-friend, a female research associate with IIT, Mumbai.

Amit (name changed), an engineer with a multinational firm in Gurgaon, moved the Delhi High Court for protection accusing the girl of subjecting him to emotional blackmail.

Justice Rajiv Kait has issued summons to the woman with a direction to appear in his court on Monday.

Justice Kait, however, has asked Amit to foot her airfare for the Mumbai-Delhi trip and meet her boarding and lodging expenses while she is in Delhi to appear before the court.

In his plea, Amit told the court that he befriended the girl, a PhD in Physics from Allahabad University, on internet last August and began chatting with her. The duration of the chats grew longer and often ended late into the night.

According to Amit, as the friendship grew, the girl insisted upon meeting him and came over to Delhi last November.

"After meeting me, she began pressing for marriage with me despite being at least five to six years older to me," the 25-year-old said in his plea.

He alleges that his refusal to marry her resulted in the girl sending him mails and SMSes saying threatening to commit suicide.

He urged the court that the girl be directed not to subject him to emotional blackmail.

Story First Published: June 26, 2011 15:32 IST

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