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Jammu and Kashmir attacks: 'I hid under bed as terrorists fired', says eyewitness

Jammu and Kashmir attacks: 'I hid under bed as terrorists fired', says eyewitness
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Constable Ravinder Singh said only God saved him.

Hiranagar, Jammu:  A day after a brazen terror strike in Jammu, comes the disturbing statement of a police eyewitness to the attack.

Three militants, believed to be from Pakistan, struck a police station in Hiranagar in Kathua district, about two km from the international border, killing four and injuring two.

The terrorists then hijacked a truck from the police station and made their way to the town of Samba, attacking an Army base there.

Ravinder Singh, a constable at the police station, says that the attackers walked in when almost everyone was asleep, or just waking up.

Mr Singh says there was confusion and chaos as they started firing.

Some of the policemen, he said, jumped out of windows, a drop of nearly 20 feet.

hiranagar-police-station-bullet-wall-new-295.jpgHe said he hid under the bed, and waited till they left.

The police station has a sanctioned strength of 67. At the time of the attack, there were roughly 20-25 policemen present.

As a police station is in a sensitive zone, all of them had access to automatic weapons: AK-47s, and the Indian-made INSAS assault rifles.

But yet, not a single shot was fired, as the protectors of the law fled for their lives.

"Only God saved me," said Ravinder Singh.

His four other colleagues were not so lucky.

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