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How the massive power outage played out on Twitter

How the massive power outage played out on Twitter
New Delhi As 19 states and 600 million people found themselves without power, Twitter was, for the second day in a row, rich with debate and discussion on the blackout.

Three major grids tripped today, most likely the result of states like Haryana, UP, Punjab and Rajasthan, drawing more than the share of electricity assigned to them.

Yesterday, the Northern supply grid had gone down, causing a giant power failure, the worst in 11 years.  

Industrialist Kiran Mazumdar Shaw tweeted on how the outage has shown the poor state of of public infrastructure in the country.

The capital's lifeline, the Delhi metro, was out of commission for more than an hour.

A twitter account for The Prime Minister's Office did not make any comment on the crisis, leading author Chetan Bhagat to ask why.

The inability of India to keep up with the energy demands of a massive population and industry has been highlighted in international media and with tweets like these:

And  then there were those who pointed out that the country's abysmal infrastructure is keeping India from taking its shot at super-power status.

Story First Published: July 31, 2012 15:35 IST

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