Highlights: Nobody can question Nitin Gadkari, says Rajnath Singh

Highlights: Nobody can question Nitin Gadkari, says Rajnath Singh
New Delhi Rajnath Singh was today elected the new president of the BJP. The 61-year-old will now lead the party as it battles the Congress in next year's general election. His term will end in 2015.

Here are the highlights of his speech after being elected the BJP president:

  • The circumstances in which I accept this responsibility are not happy for us
  • One of our workers on whose character there can be no question, Mr Gadkari, we wanted him to continue
  • We amended the constitution... but the way he was attacked by baseless allegations - he was hurt and resigned
  • I want to tell him that the entire party stands with him
  • I am not accepting this as a post but as a responsibility
  • Our country is going through troubles times - and the Congress is responsible for this
  • People expect the BJP to rid the country of its troubles and I believe we will live upto those expectations
  • We also ran the government and we were able to control inflation - people were saying that if the NDA regime continues by 2020 we would be amongst the richest in the world
  • Recently, the statements made by the Home Minister indicate that they are not serious about the fight against terrorism
  • Just for votebank  politics they want to play the communal card and vitiate the atmosphere in this country

Story First Published: January 23, 2013 12:30 IST

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