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Haryana teen was allegedly raped, then pushed from roof

Panipat:  Till a few months ago, the girl lying now in a hospital in Haryana's Panipat district walked to school everyday.
Now, she is paralyzed below the waist.

Her family says that it was only two weeks ago that she was able to explain what happened. In September, they allege, she was called to her neighbour's house. She alleges that he raped her and then threw her from the roof.

She was discovered unconscious by the neighbours and taken to a local hospital.  Then her family treated her for a while at home, before moving her to hospital. "He pushed me from the terrace. I want justice," she says. 
The police says that it has registered a case against her neighbour and is investigating the allegations against him. Because the reported attack took place months ago, medical tests will not be able to corroborate the teen's accusations.
 The doctors attending to the 15-year-old say she has severe spinal injuries.
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