Hang him publicly, says mother of 4-year-old who died from rape injuries

Hang him publicly, says mother of 4-year-old who died from rape injuries

(The hospital in Nagpur where the girl passed away)

Nagpur The body of the  four-year-old who died in a Nagpur hospital nine  days after she was brought there in an air ambulance is being taken back to her village in Madhya Pradesh.

The child had been kidnapped and raped near her house on April 17; her parents found her the next morning,  bleeding and unconscious.    She remained in a coma for over a week and died of a heart attack, said doctors.  

"The man who did this to her should be hanged publicly," said her mother today, who broke down as she spoke to reporters.

The 35-year-old man who allegedly raped  the child was arrested in Bihar last week.  It took the police nearly a week to find him.  

The details of the horrific assault in Madhya Pradesh  emerged as the news of a five-year-old being kidnapped and raped triggered large protests in Delhi. That child is still in hospital where doctors say her condition has stabilized.   

The sexual attacks on the young girls have brutally underscored the persistent hint of the vulnerability of young girls and women and of police inefficiency.

In December, the security of women became a national agenda when a young student was brutally gang-raped on a moving bus in Delhi. She died two weeks later.

Story First Published: April 30, 2013 13:11 IST

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