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Four killed in Assam's Goalpara district, curfew imposed

Four killed in Assam's Goalpara district, curfew imposed
Goalpara, Assam:  Curfew has been imposed in Malaipathar in Assam's Goalpara district amid violence in which four people have been killed. Two people died this morning when the police opened fire to control a 3000-strong mob on the rampage. Two more people were killed later in mob violence.

Seven protesters were injured in the police firing in the morning. Eight cops are also hurt.

The police said they had to open fire to control a crowd that went berserk after the body of a 50-year-old cowherd, who was missing since yesterday, was found this morning in the Mailapathar area.

The police said the mob attacked cops with sticks and stones, injuring two policemen. The vehicles of the Superintendent of Police, executive magistrate and other officials were also damaged.

The situation in the area is tense and senior police and administrative officials are camping in the area.

Goalpara is 120 kilometres from Assam's capital Guwahati.

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