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Diamonds worth 25 crores recovered from Opera House site

Diamonds worth 25 crores recovered from Opera House site
New Delhi:  As many as 65 diamonds, estimated to be worth Rs 25 crore, have been recovered from the Opera House blast site by rescue workers while cleaning the streets strewn with debris.
"The workers yesterday recovered 65 diamonds during the clearing work and the diamonds were later handed over to the police," Mumbai Diamond Merchants' Association member Sanjay Shah said.
The cost of these diamonds is estimated to be around Rs 25 crore, he added. Opera House, the country's largest diamond hub, was targeted in the 13/7 serial bomb blasts.
"We believe that these diamonds might be belonging to the traders hailing from Gujarat, who come here for trading. Small traders from Surat and Bhavnagar bring the diamonds from the factories there to sell in Mumbai," Shah said.
He also said that many more such diamond pieces could still be lying in the rubble.
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