Congress 'adopts' boy who gave newspaper to Rahul Gandhi for free

Congress 'adopts' boy who gave newspaper to Rahul Gandhi for free
Bhopal Madhya Pradesh Congress has "adopted" a 10-year-old hawker who gave a newspaper for free to Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, because the latter had no change.

On Saturday, state Congress Chief Kantilal Bhuria met Kaushal Shakya and his father Dulichand Shakya at the party office in Bhopal and announced, after felicitating the boy, that Congress was "adopting" him.

Mr Bhuria said the party would give Rs 1,000 per month to the boy, who had told Mr Gandhi that he wanted to become a doctor.

Senior Congress leader Sajid Ali has offered a job to his father, a school drop-out, as a peon at a college run by him.

Kaushal, a class 5 student, sells newspapers. On April 25, when Mr Gandhi was heading for Boy_who_gave_newspaper_to_Rahul_Gandhi_new_295.jpgRaja Bhoj airport in a car, Kaushal approached him and requested him to buy a newspaper.

Mr Gandhi took the newspaper and handed him a Rs 1,000 note, but the boy returned it, saying he had no change, and he was offering the copy for free.

The Congress Vice President then had a brief chat with him.
Story First Published: May 12, 2013 18:57 IST

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