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Chronology of states' bifurcation

New Delhi Telengana, when it is eventually created, will become India's 29th state.

The process for the formation of a new state is:
Step 1: Presidential reference is sent to state Assembly
Step 2: After Presidential reference, a resolution is tabled and passed in Assembly
Step 3: Assembly has to pass a Bill creating the new state 
Step 4: A separate Bill has to be ratified by Parliament

Here's the chronology of states' bifurcation in India till date:

1947 - Provinces and around 550 princely states were merged with existing provinces
1953 - Andhra Pradesh was carved out of Madras. States' reorganisation commission was formed
1953 - Northeast Frontier Agency was formed
1956 - 14 states and 6 UTs were created
1960 - Bombay state split into Maharashtra and Gujarat
1963 - Nagaland carved out of Assam
1966 - Haryana and Himachal Pradesh carved out of Punjab state
1972 - Meghalaya , Manipur and Tripura were formed
1975 - Sikkim became part of Indian union
1987 - Goa and Arunachal Pradesh became states ( earlier these were UTs )
2000 - Uttaranchal ( out of UP ) , Jharkhand ( out of Bihar ) and Chhattisgarh ( out of Madhya Pradesh ) were formed

Vidarbha ( out of Maharashta )
Harit Pradesh (out of UP )
Poorvanchal , Bundelkhand ( out of UP and MP )
Kosala ( out of Orissa )
Gorkhaland (out of West Bengal )
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