Blog: At Delhi college, standing ovation and victory lap for Modi

Blog: At Delhi college, standing ovation and victory lap for Modi

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Two hours before Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was to start speaking at SRCC, massive crowds had descended at the gates of the college. It was tough for reporters and cameras to get into the large renovated sports stadium where a giant photograph of Mr Modi formed the backdrop for the stage.
Interestingly, the majority of the students inside the auditorium were girls. As we had some time before the speech, I spoke to some of them about what they wanted to ask Mr Modi if they got a chance.
"What will he do for the country?" seemed to be the favourite, along with his recipe for growth and development in Gujarat.
The chief minister spent much of his one-hour speech on those factors. He declared himself an optimist, picking up his glass of water and declaring that he sees it not as half-empty, nor as half-full, but as full, with water and air.
He explained his state's progress in agriculture, industry and services on his watch.  
Addressing largely commerce students, Mr Modi used several examples of how his government has generated development, and growth
He ended by saying that" The world will not wait, and we need to move quickly "to rebrand India."

The politician got a standing ovation. He followed that up with a victory lap around the large auditorium, waving to students.
I asked several students after his speech for reviews. Most were positive, though some said they were disappointed that he did not take any questions.

Story First Published: February 06, 2013 20:35 IST

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