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'Amanat' case: appeal to move trial from Delhi to be heard next week

New Delhi The Supreme Court will consider on Tuesday whether to shift out of Delhi the trial of five men accused of murdering and raping a medical student on a bus last month, a crime which seared India and triggered massive protests.

A sixth man arrested for the crime claims he is 17 and is being tried by a juvenile court.

The five adults are being tried at a fast-track court in Delhi. But many complications have arisen this week. Two different lawyers claim to be representing Mukesh Singh, the man who was allegedly driving the bus. The Supreme Court has said that the fast-track court needs to ask Mukesh Singh which lawyer should argue for him.

One of the two lawyers, ML Sharma, told the judges today that his client is being tortured by the police. The Supreme Court said the judge of the fast-track court should talk to Mukesh Singh about these allegations and share details with the Supreme Court.

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