Woman refuses to marry differently-abled man, faces boycott

Jaipur A Rajasthan community panchayat has ordered a social boycott of a 20-year old woman and her family after she refused to marry a differently-abled man, with whom she was engaged 15 years ago, police said on Thursday.

The incident occurred in Khinwara area of Pali district, 400 km from Jaipur. The panchayat members made the family pay Rs 63,000 as fine and asked other villagers not to mingle with them and invite them to social functions.

The girl lodged a first information report (FIR) against some panchayat members with Khinwara police station on Wednesday.

"The girl whose name is not being disclosed on her request had been engaged with a boy from a nearby village when she was about five years old," a police officer said.

The girl and her family members came to know recently that the would-be bridegroom was differently-abled.

"The girl and her parents refused to get her married with the man and broke the engagement. The family members were trying to get her married to someone else recently," said the officer.

When the local community panchayat in her village came to know about the girl's decision, they called a meeting and ordered that the girl and her family members, including her parents and two siblings be boycotted.

"Following the panchayat order, the family has paid Rs 63,000. They approached the police when they were prevented from fetching water from the public hand pump and getting grocery items from the village shops," said the officer.

"We have registered a case against some panchayat members including Himmatram, Hajariram, Ograram, Mangaram, Bhanaram Chelaram and Mishri Lal," said the officer.

Story First Published: January 24, 2013 13:21 IST

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