Woman held for trying to steal baby in Delhi

New Delhi A 28-year-old married woman was arrested for allegedly attempting to abduct a new-born baby boy from a hospital in New Delhi in the guise of a doctor.

Deepti Bahari, a resident of Ghaziabad, had gone to the Hindu Rao Hospital on November 29 and kept inquiring from patients on whether they had given birth to a baby boy or girl.

Dangling a stethoscope round her neck and wearing a white coat, the woman was enquiring from patients who unsuspectingly answered her question and one Meera even gave her new-born baby boy to her after she had asked for him.

Bahari told Meera that her baby had to be checked immediately by a doctor near her ward and took him away.

"Arvinder Kaur, landlady of Meera, followed the lady who kept her stethoscope in her purse and started walking fast.

On suspicion, Kaur overpowered her and took the baby from her lap," Sindhu Pillai, Deputy Commissioner of Police, said.

Bahari, who does not have a child, was arrested on Monday afternoon when she again came to the same maternity ward and started enquiring about the gender of babies in the same manner.

"Meanwhile, Meera noticed and identified her correctly as being the same lady who took away her baby and raised an alarm. On this, the lady was apprehended by the other patients and their attendants," she said.
Story First Published: December 03, 2012 22:24 IST

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