Woman commits suicide as partner watches on webcam

Woman commits suicide as partner watches on webcam
Mumbai 27-year-old Shobhana Surati in Mumbai committed suicide by hanging herself; her partner Swapnil Surve was witness to the tragedy on webcam.

The incident took place yesterday after the couple who were chatting online reportedly had an argument. They were said to be arguing about his parents who refused to accept their marriage, forcing them to live apart. According to Mr Surve, she then declared that she could not live anymore and hung herself from the fan in the room.

Her sister says she got a call from Mr Surve telling her to check on Ms Shobhana, who in turn called the neighbours.

Police say the couple had secretly married in court recently, but the woman had continued to stay with her parents.

Her parents have alleged that there was a demand for dowry from Mr Surve's family, and per their complaint, a dowry death case has been registered at the Juhu police station.

Ms Surati's laptop has been seized and sent for examination.  No one has been arrested yet.  

Story First Published: May 23, 2013 10:25 IST

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