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Wife assaulted for serving tea that wasn't warm enough

Bhubaneswar:  A man in Odisha was arrested for assaulting his wife because she served him a cup of tea that wasn't warm enough, police said on Sunday.

The incident took place Friday at Basudia village in Nayagadh district, about 100 km from state capital Bhubaneswar, but came to light a day later after the victim lodged a complaint at the Ranapur police station.

Melcha Chandra Pradhan, 40, asked his wife Rama, 38, to prepare a cup of hot tea for him. But he got angry when he found the tea served to him wasn't warm enough.

In a fit of rage, he attacked his wife with a stick. The woman sustained injuries on her head, and was taken by her family to a hospital. Police arrested Pradhan a day later after Rama lodged a complaint, police said.

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