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Two women fall into boiling water at the Ajmer dargah

Ajmer:  A girl and her mother,  from Kerala,  were critically injured when they fell into a cauldron of  boiling water  at the Ajmer Dargah, the police said on Thursday.

"Sarina (23) and her mother Sulfat (58) fell into the 'deg' which is around 7-8 ft deep. Preparations for cooking rice was going on and water was boiling when the incident occurred. Both received critical burn injuries and were rushed to the government hospital where their condition is stated to be serious," police officer Bhawani Singh said.

He said it was not immediately clear whether they fell accidentally or jumped into it.

A big and a small deg (cauldron) are installed in the Dargah for cooking 'Niaz' (vegetarian food prepared with rice, ghee, sugar, nuts, saffron) by pilgrims. 

The women fell into the small deg which has a cooking capacity of 2,400 kg

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