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Traffic cop gets reward for stopping boss

Traffic cop gets reward for stopping boss

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Vishwas Pandhare rewarded a constable for his alertness.

Pune A traffic constable in Pune who happened to stop the car of his boss for not fastening the seat belt was in for a pleasant surprise when he was rewarded for his alertness.

Constable Umesh Deokar on duty at the busy Baner traffic junction flagged down a private car on seeing the driver without the seat belt. As he approached the erring motorist who rolled down the window pane, Deokar was taken by a surprise to find Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Vishwas Pandhare in the driver's seat.

As the constable saluted the top traffic cop who was in his private car, DCP Pandhare asked him why he was being stopped.

Deokar said he saw from a distance that the driver was not wearing the seat belt and then completed the formality of collecting fine for traffic violation.

Appreciating the uprightness of Deokar, the DCP later told reporters that he had given a personal reward to the constable. Pandhare admitted that he had inadvertently not fastened the seat belt when going out in his car on Sunday.

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