Straight from heart: Pune doctor promotes love-letter writing

Pune To revive the practice of writing love letters which has died a slow death after the advent of mobile phones and Internet, a naturopathy doctor promoting a "healthy heart" campaign has decided to organise a competition of writing love letters.

The competition is to be organised in January 2013 by "Hriydaymitra", an NGO, which will for the first time use the Internet and social networking sites in addition to regular letter writing to offer a wider platform for the lovelorn to give expression to their art of writing, Dr Shrikant Mundada said.

It was way back in 1985 that Mundada, who used to write love letters for friends who groped for words to impress their heart throbs, thought of enlarging the canvass of lovebirds with the idea of organising a competition of writing love letters when the city still displayed orthodox leanings.

"In colleges, boys used to find it difficult to even verbally communicate with the opposite sex and were unable to express their feelings towards their fancies. I myself volunteered for some of my friends to write their love letters. In return I used to enjoy a "treat" of a masala dosa from a grateful lovebird," he said.

The contest started in 1985, then described as first-of-its-kind in the country, attracted 220 participants from both sexes and was held in Fergusson College for the age group 16-60.

"It drew a lot of flak from orthodox elements who considered the idea as socially abhorrent. But we brought out a book compiling best entries judged by noted writers for everyone to read the beautiful expressions of emotion of love," Mundada said.

Making it clear that the competition, which now enters its 28th year - organised every five years - has no place for any obscene language, Mundada said the money generated through the publications of best entries will be routed to the foundation which works to bring relief to heart patients.

The 52-year-old naturopathy practitioner has been carrying out various awareness campaigns for a "healthy heart" mission in Maharashtra, funding treatment of cardiac patients from the less privileged sections of the society.

Story First Published: November 24, 2012 18:25 IST

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