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Rs 55 lakh stolen from cash van in Delhi

New Delhi Rs 55 lakh was stolen from a vehicle of a cash-handling company in Delhi's busy Karol Bagh area this afternoon, police said.

The company was carrying the money in a taxi instead of strong vans that are usually used for the purpose - a clear security lapse.

The taxi had collected money for a bank from nine locations in the city and stopped this afternoon at Kikar Wala Chowk, where its two cash handlers, Surjeet and Daya Chand, went to a shop to pick up cash.

The driver and the security guard, who were left behind in the taxi, say they stepped away for a while to eat. Surjeet and Daya Chand returned to find the cash bag missing from the taxi.

Police have registered a case of theft and are questioning the four men.

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